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Does RTX give more FPS than GTX?

Does RTX Give More FPS Than GTX?

For gamers looking to get the most out of their gaming experience, the question of whether RTX gives more FPS than GTX is a common one.

The answer is yes, but it is important to understand why.

Nvidia’s RTX GPUs come with a feature called Ray Tracing, which is a type of lighting technology that allows for more realistic lighting and shadows in games. This technology requires the use of special RTX cores, which are only present in RTX GPUs. When this feature is enabled, it can provide a significant boost in framerate compared to a GTX GPU.

However, when Ray Tracing is disabled, the RTX cores are not used and the framerate will not be any better than a GTX GPU. This means that if you are not using Ray Tracing, you will not see any benefit from having an RTX GPU over a GTX GPU.

So, while an RTX GPU can provide a significant boost in framerate when Ray Tracing is enabled, it will not provide any additional benefit when the feature is disabled. It is important to consider this when deciding which GPU to purchase for your gaming setup.

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