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How much FPS is 3050 vs 3060 TI?

The Nvidia GeForce 3050 and 3060 Ti are two of the latest GPUs on the market, and they both offer impressive performance.

But how much of a difference is there between the two when it comes to frames per second (FPS)? To answer this question, we need to look at how they perform in a real-world situation.

When playing a modern open-world game, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, the difference between the 3050 and 3060 Ti is arguably negligible. At 1080p resolution, both GPUs were able to maintain a steady 60fps. However, when the resolution was increased to 4K, the 3050 dropped to 27fps, while the 3060 Ti was able to maintain a much higher 49fps. This difference is significant, and it shows that the 3060 Ti is better suited for high-resolution gaming.

The 3050 and 3060 Ti also differ in terms of their power consumption. The 3050 has a TDP of 90W, while the 3060 Ti has a TDP of 200W. This means that the 3060 Ti is more power-hungry, and it will require a more powerful power supply to run.

Overall, the Nvidia GeForce 3050 and 3060 Ti are both excellent GPUs, and they both offer great performance. However, when it comes to frames per second, the 3060 Ti has a clear advantage. It is able to maintain higher frame rates at higher resolutions, and it also has a higher power consumption. For gamers who want the best performance, the 3060 Ti is the better choice.

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