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What is the weakest GPU?

The GeForce GTX 480 was released by Nvidia in 2010, and it quickly became known as one of the weakest GPUs ever released.

The GTX 480 was based on the Fermi architecture, which was Nvidia’s first foray into the world of DirectX 11. Unfortunately, the Fermi architecture was not up to the task of running modern games, and the GTX 480 was quickly outclassed by its competitors.

The GTX 480 was plagued by a number of issues, including a lack of performance, poor driver support, and high power consumption. The card was also plagued by overheating issues, which caused it to shut down unexpectedly. On top of all that, the GTX 480 was expensive, with a retail price of around $500.

The GTX 480 was so bad that Nvidia quickly replaced it with the GTX 580, which was based on the much more powerful Kepler architecture. The GTX 580 was a huge improvement over the GTX 480, and it was able to run modern games with ease.

Despite its many flaws, the GTX 480 still has a place in the history of Nvidia GPUs. It was the first GPU to use the Fermi architecture, and it paved the way for Nvidia’s more successful GPUs. It also showed that Nvidia was willing to take risks, even if they didn’t always pay off.

Today, the GTX 480 is a relic of the past, and it’s unlikely that Nvidia will ever make a GPU as weak as the GTX 480 ever again. It may have been a disappointment, but it was an important step in the evolution of Nvidia GPUs.

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